WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

E-Cig Etiquette: Where Is It Okay To Vape?

If you are a new e cigarette owner, you might not be clear on the spoken and unspoken rules of vaping etiquette. One of the main concerns that many new vapers have is where is it okay to take a puff ... and where is it not. While many of these rules are dictated by state and local laws, there are some basic norms that are true in most places. The following are just some of the places where you can and cannot enjoy your favorite vape juice with nicotine.

Where It’s Generally Okay To Vape These are some of the places where it’s usually permitted for you to puff your nicotine solution for e liquid
  1. In Your House: As long as your roommates are okay with it, you are free to puff away in the comfort of your own home. Just always be courteous to guests when you have people over. It’s usually best to ask if they mind a little vapor.
  3. In Outdoor Spaces: Public outdoor spaces are generally free for vaping. This means that you can enjoy your do-it-yourself e juice while hanging in the park, walking down the street, and bopping at an outdoor concert.
  5. Anywhere You Can Smoke: Spaces where you can smoke cigarettes are usually clear for vaping as well. Even though you aren't smoking cigarettes, you should still stick to these designated smoking areas around private buildings.

Where You Should Put Your E Cig Away
While regulations will vary, these are some examples of places where you should usually refrain from vaping -- even if you recently stocked up on some new Capella concentrates. 
  1. Indoor Spaces: Most of the time, you can't vape inside of stores, restaurants, and similar indoor locations. The same might go for your work, but you can check with your employer to know for sure.
  3. In School Spaces: Just as you can't smoke on school grounds, the same usually goes for vaping. So, puff before you go to your little cousin's choir concert.
  5. Where Signage Is Posted: This may seem obvious, but some vapers do ignore signs. If you see a "No Smoking" or "No Vaping" sign, put your e cigarette away.

E cigarettes, with their nicotine solution for e liquid, are becoming more popular. In fact, the e cig and vaporizer market is expected to grow year on year at a rate of 21.8%. This may reach $53.8 billion by 2025, which means regulations will need to be more clear.

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