WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Embarrassed To Ask These Vaping Questions? We Have The Answers

New to vaping? You may be embarrassed to ask certain questions at risk of looking like a newbie. Before you fumble with your DIY e liquid, we are here to answer those questions for you. Use this guide to learn the answers to the questions you have been holding in your mind. You'll be puffing like a pro in no time at all. 

Is Vaping Actually Better Than Smoking?
We understand that you might be skeptical, but there are plenty of benefits to vaping over smoking. E cigarettes have fewer chemicals and do not pose the risk of second hand smoke. You can trade tobacco and tar for the sweet small of e liquid nicotine and capella concentrates. By opting to vape, you can get the satisfaction of smoking without actually puffing a cigarette. 

strong>Will Vaping Help Me Quit Smoking?
While there are many ways that smokers can quit, many have found success with e cigarettes. In fact, a recent survey found that 80% of respondents identified vaping as "a good way to help people quit smoking." Every experience will be different, but consider how switching to an e cigarette can help you on your quitting journey.

What Exactly Is E Juice?
You may hear this tern thrown around quite a bit. E juice for your vape is usually made of liquid nicotine, flavors, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and distilled water. Depending on where you buy your e juice, the exact ingredients may vary. You may also find that different liquids will contain different amounts of nicotine, so consider how much you are interested in vaping.

Where Am I Allowed To Vape?
Unfortunatly, there is no universal answer for this. Different cities have different vaping regulations, so look into your local laws. Some places only prohibit vaping indoors, while others have a ban instated in all public places. The bottom line is to be respectful when enjoying your e cigarette, so be sure to ask your host whenever you are visiting someone.

By keeping yourself informed of vaping and the etiquette surrounding it, you can keep yourself healthy and respectful while puffing away. All you have to do now is add your favorite capella concentrates and enjoy the start of your vaping journey.


Adam Downey
April 29, 2018 at 21:19

I recently purchased a d i y kit from your store and it came with a 48 mg by milliliter nicotine bottle of liquid nicotine my question is is this 100% nicotine…. I’ve seen 100 mg nicotine used before and I was wondering if it is 48 /milliliter would I have to double in order to get the same amount if I were using 100 mg?..

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