WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Enhance Your Exhale: 5 Ways To Produce More Vapor

Have your vapor clouds been looking more like puffs? If you've been vaping for a while, you might be ready to produce more vapor from your E-Cig. By making a few small changes to your hardware and technique, you can easily start expanding your vape cloud, creating a more satisfying experience. The next time you are enjoying one of your favorite capella concentrates, try out these simple tricks for exhaling more vapor.
  1. Upgrade Your E-Cig: Your vapor production is often only as good as your device. If you are using a low-power E-Cig, you are limited by its mechanics. Switch to a device with higher wattage capacity to amp up your vaping power.
  2. Increase Airflow: Many E-Cig models have adjustable airflow, so try to find the perfect airflow for you. Wider openings cool off the vapor, while smaller openings keep it warmer. Experiment with the airflow to find a comfortable temperature that creates a large enough cloud. This can be tricky because opening the airflow too much will make the cloud light and wispy.
  3. Change Your Inhale: If you are an experienced E-Cig user, you are likely ready to take lung hits. Most new users only take mouth hits, which creates smaller clouds. By filling your lungs with the vapor, and then exhaling, you are increasing your vapor production significantly.
  4. Switch The Coil: If you are using a standard coil in your E-Cig, you might not be optimizing your vapor production. Try a double coil or one of your own design to try creating more vapor. Do some research to see what designs other vaping gurus have come up with.
  5. Add More Vegetable Glycerin: Choose a vegetable E liquid with a higher percentage of vegetable glycerin to up your vapor content. This plant-based substance is a sure way to keep things nice and cloudy.
A typical vaping starter kit will cost between $30 and $100, containing an E-Cig, a battery, and some cartridges. Once you have this, you only have room to get creative. Figuring out how to produce the largest vapor cloud possible might take some trial and error. Be patient and have fun with the process. With a few drops of our flavor apprentice or capella concentrates, this experimentation can be a ride for the senses.

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