WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Storing E-Liquid Nicotine Properly!

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a wholesale buyer, nicotine blends are, most likely, the most expensive component in the mixing process of your juice. We want to help guide you into keeping your blends from going to waste, thus preserving their shelf life. These next 3 variables can help you diminish oxidation that leads to the commonly seen brownish/yellowish color and peppery taste. These characteristics are evident of an oxidized e-liquid nicotine blend that is not fresh for use.
Heat, light, and oxygen are e-liquid nicotine’s most harmful adversaries. If one of these lives, your precious nicotine cannot. Learning how to keep these three variables at bay, you can expect the highest quality from your blend.

A freezer is the best place to store your blend. A refrigerator is also acceptable, but colder is always better. Not only does it keep the heat away, it also acts as a shield from UV light, thus killing two birds with one stone. Our HDPE white, opaque plastic containers additionally aid in blocking the light. 

Oxygen is the most difficult of the 3 variables to isolate from your nicotine blend because it exists everywhere in our atmosphere. Nonetheless, a little will not affect your blend. If you buy in bulk and are constantly shaking and uncapping and recapping, we minimize this process for you. We divide your blend into smaller bottles or containers to limit exposure to oxygen. By using this method, only a small amount of your e-liquid nicotine will be exposed at one time. This allows the other, unopened bottles to remain capped and stored away from oxygen.
Example: If you order twenty gallons of 100mg strength e-liquid NicSelect nicotine (in any base) and this lasts 2 months, we will ship out twenty individual, nitrogen packed and foil sealed, 1-gallon containers to be opened and used as needed.
The aforementioned variables all accelerate the oxidation of e-liquid nicotine in your blend and lead us to our last detail to point out. As your e-liquid nicotine blend ages, it is impossible to keep it from eventually oxidizing. Buying too much e-liquid nicotine and keeping it stored for long periods of time isn’t recommended. At Nicotine River, we offer you the advantage of ordering and buying in bulk, but with the convenience of receiving your shipments when and how you want.
Example: You need twenty gallons of blended e-liquid nicotine every 2 months, using 5 gallons every 2 weeks. Instead of sitting on those twenty gallons for sixty days, you can purchase the twenty gallons all at once, but have it shipped out in increments of 5 gallons, twice a month (blended the same day as it is shipped), to insure your e-liquid nicotine is always fresh and of the highest quality.

- Nicotine River 


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October 17, 2016 at 05:56

i would like, propylene glycol 30% vegetable glycerine 70% with a nicotine level of 6mg

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