WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vape On a Budget: Making Your Own Juice -- PG or VG?

Vaping is a movement in the process of challenging the dangerously unhealthy big tobacco industry. An international survey of current, former, and non-users of electronic cigarettes reflects the movement's momentum. In fact, 72% of users reported that vaping helped them better deal with cigarette cravings while fully 92% reported reductions in their cigarette consumption when vaping. Even better, only 10% of respondents reported that they felt the urge to smoke a cigarette when vaping. The statistics speak for themselves, but there are some questions that the e-cigarette market needs to answer. 

If you're trying to get into vaping and e-cigarettes on a budget, here are some answers to common questions.

Does vaping cost less than smoking?
The answer is, it really depends. If you are currently smoking a pack a day or more, then likely vaping is much cheaper than your cigarette habit. Aside from the upfront cost of a quality vape mod and tank, you are likely going to spend a little less on vaping. The problem is, juice can be very expensive in most tobacco shops, often costing $20 or more for 30 ml of your favorite premium flavor. If that lasts you a week or more, then you're spending less than you were on cigarettes. It's not uncommon, however, for heavy vapers to go through a 30ml in one or two days. At that rate, vaping becomes more expensive than cigarettes.

In the long run, most users spend less on e-cigarettes than they did as a heavy smoker.

Making Your Own Juice
The key to nearly costless vaping is learning how to make your own juice at home. There are a lot of little things you need to know about the process, but it's actually quite simple and can give you endless control over your vaping experience. Let's look at the two most common base components of the best DIY e liquids. 

  • What is Vegetable Glycerin? 
    Vegetable glycerin, or VG, is a base for your homemade juice. Made from plant oils, VG is completely body safe and is used in many moisturizers. 
  • What is Propylene Glycol?
    Like Vegetable Glycerin, propylene glycol (PG) is body safe and has many cosmetic applications. The FDA has even recognized PG as generally safe. This is the other common option for an e liquid base.

So which is better, PG or VG?
This is all down to personal preference. Most 'premium' juice found in stores contains a 70% VG - 30% PG mixture. Since VG is so viscous, it has a slightly harder time absorbing flavor concentrates. However, PG can give you a harsher throat hit. This decision can't really be reached until you tinker with the mix ratios and see what you prefer. For many users, finding the perfect DIY e liquid is all part of the fun.

The verdict on using PG or VG is really up to you, but choosing either of these bases alongside flavor and nicotine concentrates should put you on your way toward saving untold amounts of money on 'premium' juice. A liter bottle of PG or VG will cost under $9 and produce over 30 times the amount of liquid you were once spending $20 on in shops. That's less than half the price for 30 times the product! To top it off, your juice can be even better than 'premium' products because you are customizing it to your preferences. If you are serious about vaping, then it is worth it in every way to start making your own juice today.

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