WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

9/21 we are available at: Info@nicotineriver.com
RVR™ Bulk Tincture
RVR™ now offers bulk pre-made CBD tinctures that are great for business owners in need of a reliable CBD product to stock their shelves. The RVR™ bulk tinctures collection comes in a variety of mouthwatering flavorings that is ever expanding. Using these bulk tinctures can be done in a few easy steps! Simply purchase an affordable bottle of our pre-made tincture liquid and dispense it into your very own bottles! Pre-made and ready to go with simplicity in mind. Yet backed by quality, affordability, and consistency that you can trust from the RVR™ brand.
For your ease, below is a reference of measurement regarding the strength of a tincture once dispensed.
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RVR™ Bulk Tincture