WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

  • Nicotine Titration Kit

Nicotine Titration Kit

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Please note: Nicotine Salts cannot be accurately tested using the Titration kit. The Titration kit's main purpose is to test Normal Freebase Nicotine.
Titration is a simple and quick method for determining the strength of your e-liquid nicotine by measuring the color change of the liquid. For the best titration kit results, follow the instructions below. The nicotine titration kit includes:

x2 - 3ml syringes
x1 - 14 gauge blunt tip needle for VG solutions
x1 - 16 gauge blunt tip needle for PG solutions
x1 - 18 gauge blunt tip needle for hydrochloric acid titrant
x1 - 10ml (.33 oz) bottle of bromothymol blue pH indicator
x1 - 120ml (4 oz) bottle of 0.01N analytical reagent grade hydrochloric acid
x1 - 4 oz white cup with lid
x1 - Instruction Sheet


Add one of the following amounts of nicotine solution into your testing container: 1mL/2mL/3mL/4mL/5mL

Add 10-20mL of distilled water into the container and swirl until water and nicotine solution are fully mixed

Add 10-15 drops of bromothymol blue and swirl until mixed

Add the 0.01N Hydrochloric Acid, using the provided syringe, until solution transitions from a blue to a yellow color

Once the yellow color appears, plug in the volume of acid added into the formula below:

(volume of acid added) x 1.6223mg/ml = X
Then divide your answer, X, by the amount from step 1 to get the concentration of your nicotine

Each 1ml of 0.01N Hydrochloric Acid used during titration will neutralize approximately 1.6223mg of nicotine. To find the total amount of nicotine present in your sample, multiply the amount of acid used by 1.6223
Divide the total amount of nicotine from above by the sample size to determine the nicotine concentration in mg/ml.
If starting with a 1ml sample of solution, divide the total amount of nicotine by 1.
If starting with a 2ml sample of solution, divide by 2.
If starting with a 3ml sample of solution, divide by 3.

A 2ml sample of nicotine solution was added to the mixing cup.

During testing with your acid titration kit, 3.8ml of 0.01N acid was used to reach the yellow endpoint.

Multiply 3.8 by 1.6223, this gives us a total nicotine content of 6.16 (rounded)

Dividing 6.16 by the 2ml starting sample size gives us a final test result of 3mg/ml (rounded)


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